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3 Popular Download Manager for Linux

3 Popular Download Manager for Linux

In this article we will see 3 popular download manager for Linux. Almost every one of us has to frequently download documents, photos, videos, apps, and other large documents from internet. Here comes the role of download managers. Download Manager Applications not only speeds up our download from the internet but also helps in managing our download. There are many free and commercial download managers available on the internet.  It becomes difficult to decide which one is best for us. We have prepared a list of some of the best free and open source download manager application for you. Brief information about each of the application is as follows.

1. uGet – The Download Manager

This Download Manager is free and open source download manager application. uGet Download Manager is a cross platform download manager. It supports most of the major operating system platforms like Windows, MacOS and most of the Linux distros. Due to the contribution of large community of uGet currently it supports more than 30 languages.


Download Files in Small Segments

It downloads files in small segments. This increases the its download speed. At a time, the downloader support up to 16 connections to the server . It places all the requested downloads in a que. It downloads as many files simultaneously as per the preference of the user.

Resume and Pause Capability

It also has the capability to resume and pause ongoing downloads so that later the paused downloads may be started from where it was paused.

Themes and Colors

The color and icons of uGet Download manager automatically set according to the operating system on which it is installed. It supports dark, light and Hybrid themes according to the operating system theme on which it is installed.

We can place our download into a Queue so that we can control the number of items that we want to download at a time. The next file starts downloading after the current queue is finished. 

Download Scheduler Support

Download scheduler is also there in uGet so that we can also schedule our download according to our preference. uGet supports multiple mirrors so that a single file can be downloaded from multiple servers and after the download is finished the parts of downloaded files are merged into a single file.

Command Line Support

In addition to its graphical user interface uGet has the ability to download files through command line. We can also use command line terminal to download files in uGet. It has a decent set of keyboard shortcuts so that we can work without the use of mouse. It also supports FTP Login and anonymous FTP. We can do batch downloads in uGet.

Given below is the link to the official website of uGet.

Official Website: Official Website of uGet Download Manager

2. Aria2 – The Command Line Download Tool

Aria2 – The Command Line Download Tool is an open source and free download manager.  Aria 2 is a cross platform file download manager. It supports Windows, MasOS and Linux operating systems.


Supports Multiple Download Protocols

Aria2 – The Command Line Download Tool supports multiple download protocols. These protocols are HTTP / HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink protocols. It is a lightweight file download utility. It can initiate file download from multiple servers simultaneously. Aria 2 download manager creates multiple connections to the download server for file download. It uses the maximum available download bandwidth, thereby maximizing the overall download speed.

Lightweight Downloader

In addition to above, it is a lightweight downloader. It does not take much memory and CPU resources. As an example for HTTP and FTP downloads. It only takes up to 4MB of memory and for BitTorrent downloads it needs only 9MB of total memory. However, Aria 2 download manager is a full featured Bittorrent client. Also, it supports Web-Seeding, Magnet URI, PEX, DHT, Selective Downloads, UDP tracker and Local Peer Discovery.

Metalink version 4 and 3 supported

Additionally, Aria 2 download manager supports the Metalink version 4 and 3. However, this enables the file verification for HTTP, FTP, SFTP and BitTorrent integration along with the various configurations for languages, locations and operating systems etc.


Lastly, to install Aria 2 download manager on RHEL, CentOS or Fedora. Download and enable the EPEL repository under RHEL, CentOS systems. The Fedora users do not need to add any repository. They can simply install Aria 2 download manager using dnf command as shown below.

# dnf install aria2

Then install Aria 2 package from the enabled EPEL repository under your system using YUM command tool.

# yum install epel-release -y
# yum install aria2 -y

To install Aria 2 download manager on Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and similar operating systems use the commands given below.

$ sudo apt-get install aria2

Given below is the Link to the official website of Aria 2 for additional installation help and detailed usage documentation.

Official Website: Official Website of Aria 2 Download Manager

3. XDM – The Powerful Download Manager

XDM The Powerful Download Manager is freely available open source application. Xtreme Download Manager is supports almost all modern browsers and operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Xtreme Download Manager support Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Vivaldi, Edge and many other popular browsers.


Powerful and Elegant Application

It is a powerful and elegant software application that increases the download speed up to five times. XDM also saves the streaming videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and Google Video and from more than a thousand other websites. It also resumes the broken and dead downloads. We can also schedule or even convert downloads.

Easy Integration with all the Major Browsers

XDM The Powerful Download Manager can be easily integrated with Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and other similar browsers and it can take over the downloads from browsers and saving streaming videos.

It has Built-in Video Converter

It also has a built in video converter that lets us convert our downloaded videos to various formats so that we can watch them on your mobile or TV. Xtreme Download Manager also has a video converter, which enables us to convert our downloaded videos in to MP3 or MP4 video formats.

Support for all Major Streaming Protocols

Xtreme Download Manager has supports for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP protocols as well as major video streaming protocols like Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH and Adobe HDS. Xtreme Download Manager also has the feature the supports authentication, redirection, proxy servers and cookies etc.

Some Important Features

The main features of Xtreme Download Manager are clipboard monitoring, Video download, scheduler and automatic antivirus checking and system shutdown on completion of download. It restarts broken or dead downloads due to the connection problem and power outage or expired sessions. It can also work with auto proxy scripts, Windows ISA, proxy servers, NTLM and Kerberos authentication. GitHUB is the official website of the application. It is simple to install the application on all the supported operating system platforms.

A link to the official website is given below for download and installation of Xtreme Download Manager – The powerful Tool.

Official Website: Official Website of Xtreme Download Manager

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