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About Us

About Us

Pentarock Technologies website started in 2021. We publish informative articles about Open Source Operating Systems, Applications and Utilities, System Administration, Internet of Things and articles related to General Software Engineering. The heart of this blog is Linux and Open Source Technologies.

We will regularly post guides, How-To, tips and tricks mainly in Linux and open source technologies. The main objective of Pentarock Technologies is sharing knowledge with people who are willing to learn and excel in technological world.

Besides Linux and Open Source technologies, we will also post write-up in the following categories.

  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to install various Operating Systems and their usage.
  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to install open source applications and their usage.
  • Informative articles on Linux and windows system administration.
  • Installation and usage of various Databases like, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server etc.
  • Various productivity tools and utility software.
  • Security Application Software like Firewall, Network, Online Security etc.
  • Informative articles related to Website Design.
  • Informative articles related to Software Development.
  • Articles related to Cool gadgets and websites.
  • News related to new releases of open source OS and applications.
  • Informative articles about various Hardware.
  • Informative articles and news about various Storage devices.