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How to Install and Use Snap on Debian 10 Buster

How to Install and Use Snap on Debian 10

In this tutorial we will learn how to install and use Snap on Debian 10 Buster. Indeed, our target operating system will be Debian 10 Buster. However, the Snap package management software is sometimes also called as Snapd or Snappy. Moreover, it is an additional package management tool for Debian 10 Buster.

Link to Official Website of Snap

However, the program package format for Snap was developed by Conical. Also, this is the same company which is behind the development and maintenance of Ubuntu operating system. Furthermore, Snap may be used across all Linux Distributions. Additionally, The Snap packages can be installed through command line or these may be downloaded from the Snap website as .snap files. Moreover, the Snap package Management Software creates separate folders for each application installed so that there is no interference of Applications with the rest of the system.

Now, we will see step by step Installation and Usage of Snap Package Manager on Debian 10.

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 Prerequisites for Installation of Snap on Debian 10

 The prerequisite for the installation of Snap Package Manager:

  • A machine with installed Debian 10 Desktop or Server System.
  • A root user name and the login password.

Installation of Snap on Debian 10

Although, Snap is not a default part of the Debian 10 Desktop System. Still, the Snap Package Manager is available in the default software repository of Debian 10. In order to install Snap Package Management Software on our Debian 10 system, open the command line terminal. Issue the following command in the command line terminal.

sudo apt-get install snapd –y

Verify the Version of Snap Package Manager

When the Installation is complete, to verify the version of Snap package manager. Issue the following command to verify the version of Snap package manger in the terminal window.

sudo snap version

We should get the following output:

snap    2.37.4-1+b1
snapd   2.37.4-1+b1
series  16
debian  10
kernel  4.19.0-17-amd64

Package List in Snap Repository

To see the list of all the packages available in Snap Package Repository, open the terminal window and issue the following command.

sudo snap find

The output of the command will be like shown below.

snapcrafters        –        All-in-one voice No search term specified. Here are some interesting snaps:

Name              Version                    Publisher           Notes    Summary
antstream-arcade  2.1.1447                   antstream           -        Officially licensed retro game streaming platform with 1000+ titles to play, challenges & global tournaments. Free to Play!
blender           2.93.1                     blenderfoundation*  classic  Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite.
converternow      2.6.0                      ferraridamiano      -        A simple, immediate and fast converter! ⚡
discord           0.0.15                     and text chat for gamers
edgexfoundry      1.3.1-9                    canonical*          -        Open-source framework for IoT edge computing
foobar2000        1.6.6                      mmtrt               -        foobar2000 is an advanced freeware audio player.
gimp              2.10.24                    snapcrafters        -        GNU Image Manipulation Program
hugo              v0.86.1                    hugo-authors        -        A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love by bep, spf13 and friends in Go.
inkscape          1.1-ce6663b3b7-2021-05-25  inkscape*           -        Vector Graphics Editor
juju              2.9.9                      canonical*          classic  A model-driven operator lifecycle manager
krita             4.4.5                      krita*              -        Digital Painting, Creative Freedom
litteris          master                     raibtoffoletto      -        Penpal Correspondence Organized
musescore         3.6.2                      musescore*          -        Create, play and print beautiful sheet music.
newsboat          r2.24                      minoru              -        An RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals
okular            20.12.3                    kde*                -        Document Viewer
pocket-browser    1.6.2                      pocketinc           -        An open-source browser made for privacy and going towards security!
qownnotes         21.7.14                    pbek                -        Plain-text file markdown note taking with Nextcloud / ownCloud integration
retroarch         1.9.7                      libretro            -        RetroArch
telegram-desktop  2.9.0                      telegram.desktop    -        Official desktop client for the Telegram messenger
utilso            3.7.7                      sleptsov            -        All-in-one tools for developers
veloren           0.4.2+git21.g78940c2       timsueberkrueb      -        An open-source multiplayer voxel RPG
webots            R2021b                     cyberbotics         -        Webots is a free and open-source 3D robot simulator
xournalpp-mobile  1.1.11                     jasmich             -        Infinitely take notes, sketch and learn
yuzu              704                        nightmayr           -        Nintendo Switch Emulator
zwavejs2mqtt      v5.2.2                     joachimmg           -        Fully configurable Zwave to MQTT Gateway and Control Panel.
audacity          3.0.2                      diddledan           -        Audio software for multi-track recording and editing
bitwarden         1.27.1                     bitwarden*          -        A secure and free password manager for all of your devices.

Install Application Package from Snap Repository

We can install any package available is the Snap repository. To install a package, open terminal window and execute the following command.

sudo snap install package-name          (Here replace package-name with the name of the package you want to install)

For example to install vlc media player on Debian 10 using Snap Package Management Software, issue the following command in the terminal windows.

sudo snap install vlc

After the installation of the vlc media player you will get the following output on the screen.

sudo snap install vlc
vlc 3.0.16 from VideoLAN* installed

Update Application Package from Snap Repository

We can update the installed package from Snap repository. To update the installed package from Snap repository, issue the following command in the terminal windows.

sudo snap refresh package-name        (Here replace the package-name with the software package name you wish to update)

For example, to update vlc media player package from Snap repository issue the following command in the terminal window.

sudo snap refresh vlc

As we have fresh installed the package there will be no updates available and the output message will be as given below.

snap "vlc" has no updates available

List All Snap Packages

 If you want to list all Snap packages, run the following command:

sudo snap list

The output of the above command will be like this:

sudo snap list
Name               Version                     Rev   Tracking  Publisher     Notes
atom               1.57.0                      282   stable    snapcrafters  classic
core18             20210611                    2074  stable    canonical*    base
core20             20210702                    1081  stable    canonical*    base
gnome-3-28-1804    3.28.0-19-g98f9e67.98f9e67  161   stable    canonical*    -
gtk-common-themes  0.1-52-gb92ac40             1515  stable    canonical*    -
sublime-text       4113                        106   stable    snapcrafters  classic
vlc                3.0.16                      2344  stable    videolan*     -

See the Recent Changes

Next, to see the recent changes, issue the following command in the terminal windows:

sudo snap changes

The output of the above command will be as shown below:

sudo snap changes
ID   Status  Spawn               Ready               Summary
1    Done    today at 10:23 IST  today at 10:23 IST  Initialize system state
2    Done    today at 10:40 IST  today at 10:41 IST  Install "vlc" snap
3    Done    today at 10:40 IST  today at 10:40 IST  Initialize device
4    Done    today at 10:47 IST  today at 10:48 IST  Install "atom" snap
5    Done    today at 10:51 IST  today at 10:51 IST  Install "sublime-text" snap

See Information About Installed Snap Packages

Additionally, to see the information about the installed snap packages, issue the following command in the terminal windows. (Here, we will try to get the information about the vlc package we have installed through Snap Package Manager).

sudo snap info vlc

Also, the output will be the detailed information about the installed package vlc and will be shown as below:

name:      vlc
summary:   The ultimate media player
publisher: VideoLAN*
license:   unset
description: |
  VLC is the VideoLAN project's media player.
  Completely open source and privacy-friendly, it plays every multimedia file
  and streams.
  It notably plays MKV, MP4, MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MOV, WMV, QuickTime,
  WebM, FLAC, MP3, Ogg/Vorbis files, BluRays, DVDs, VCDs, podcasts, and
  multimedia streams from various network sources. It supports subtitles,
  closed captions and is translated in numerous languages.
  - vlc
snap-id:      RT9mcUhVsRYrDLG8qnvGiy26NKvv6Qkd
tracking:     stable
refresh-date: today at 10:41 IST
  stable:    3.0.16                      2021-06-28 (2344) 310MB -
  candidate: 3.0.16                      2021-06-28 (2344) 310MB -
  beta:      3.0.16-61-g17a2ed2164       2021-08-01 (2430) 330MB -
  edge:      4.0.0-dev-16192-g5219ec9579 2021-08-01 (2431) 605MB -
installed:   3.0.16

That’s all about the Snap Package Manager. This article will help the users to install and user Snap Package Manager.

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